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top left-Edward & Lucy with kids and his parents, top middle-first time on catwalk raising money for a cause, top right-with kids, bottom left-friends at Matt's El Rancho, bottom right-attending 2015 ABOR installations.

Edward was born and raised here in Austin,Tx., and is a 7th generation Texan!. Together with both parents, brother and sister they manage their almost 100 year old family ranch in southwest Texas, The Jarrett Juno Ranch.  He attended the local area schools (Casis, Zavala, St. Andrews and Austin High School) and has a deep passion and loyality to everything Austin (or Austin Metro Area) and Texas!  Edward is married with two children.  

Edward earned his B.A. of Interpersonal Communication from Tulane University (New Orleans, La.) class of ‘93.  Immediately out of college Edward returned to Austin and began his career in residential real estate selling new construction for Buffington Homes.  By the end of that first year in new construction sales he wanted to expand his ability to serve others and became a licensed Realtor in '94. Edward has been a full time Realtor ever since, helping people list/sell & buy residential real estate!  

Edward constantly seeks to improve his work and how to best serve his clients regardless of a transactional opportunity (a closing, commission check). He values dependability/reliability, authentic relationships, people & business seeking to be the best at what they do. Edward believes being the best housing resource for his clients is the number one priority in his work. Edward’s ideology is that teaming up with a full time Realtor provides a distinct advantage in owning, selling, buying, managing residential real estate.

Edward Farmer,Realtor knows his market, knows how to market and knows how to price-negotiate-stage & complete residential real estate goals in the Austin Metro Area (AMA) market.  Real Estate is local (regardless of national news reporting) work with a local Realtor, work with a Native Austinite, call - text - email Edward Farmer!





Edward Farmer
Phone: 512-785-7968
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